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Alon is a trustworthy manufacturer with a focus on drinking water devices. Our products are commonly used in public buildings, schools, offices, and even residential structures. We emphasize quality customer service and we will meet your needs for customized drinking water equipment, no matter what.

What Can Alon Do For You?
  • Appearance:Alon provides OEM service and can change the printed brand logo upon request.
  • Filtration: active carbon filters, reverse osmosis system, etc.
  • Water tank capacity: 5L, 18L, 27L, 30L, 35L ……
  • Installation: wall-mounted type, flooring-standing type, wall-mounted and flooring-standing type, and counter top type.
  • Output water type: touch switch or cooler faucet
  • Working:
      Energy saving water dispenser: the hot and cold water dispenser can cool down the 100℃ boiled water rapidly into lukewarm water about 40℃ to quench your thirst immediately.
      Water dispenser that heats water separately: this dispenser can heat water layer by layer and supplies boiled water in 5min after the equipment is turned on. The water supplied per unit of time is 35% more than that of ordinary hot water dispensers, reducing the waiting time for water and making it suitable for places with large water use.
      Refrigeration system: its water tank capacity and compressor with relative power and voltage can be fully customized.
  • Housing size: customized
  • Voltage
  • Power
  • Other requirements ……
Why Choose Alon’s Products?
  • In order to facilitate easy installation and operation, Alon provides replacement parts and water filtration cartridges to minimize later purchasing time and costs.
  • Alon has rich manufacturing experience. Our products have been exported to and adopted in countries, including Thailand, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, and Indonesia.
  • We offer consumables for all of our products, such as water quality test reagent, insulated rubber tape and detergent to prevent incrustation. We also offer training, support and maintenance services.
  • To date, we have customized more than 5,000 sets of drinking water equipment for schools, hospitals, stations, offices and government buildings. With rich processing experience, Alon is able to fully realize your customization needs.
  • We operate a professional production line with a laser cutter, guillotine shear, bending machine, stamping press and welding machine. Our experienced manufacturing team can complete all the processes without outsourcing from cut and grind raw materials to assemble electronic components and water dispenser.
  • We employ a professional technical team that can customize products upon request.