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Hot Water Dispenser

Alon’s water dispensing equipment is designed for long term daily use. All of our water dispensing equipment undergoes a complete quality inspection, including a water quality test, electronic parts examinations and etc. to make sure our components and final products meet the market requirements and standards.

Alon provides water dispensers in a variety of styles and capacities, thus meeting a full range of drinking water requirements due to the instant electronic heating system. The water tank will automatically refill and instantly heat to support non-stop use, and we also offer customization services to meet specific customer requirements. We offer floor standing, wall mounted or desktop styles for customers to choose from, and guarantee the highest possible quality product, and the best service.

    1. Floor Standing Hot Water Dispenser
    2. Floor Standing Hot Water Dispenser Floor standing hot water dispenser is able produce 100℃ boiled water best for teas, coffees and so on, and has been widely applied to public places like hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, offices, conference receptions and etc. Currently we are offering different styles, dimensions and water tank capacities floor standing hot water dispensers for your choice, and different filtration systems available for impurity eliminating in tap water ...
    1. Wall Mounted Hot Water Dispenser
    2. Wall Mounted Hot Water Dispenser The wall mounted hot water dispenser is small in size and does not occupy much space. Therefore, you can choose a convenient installation height according to you. Installing this kind of water dispenser can not only improve the space utilization rate but also make the filling more comfortable. It is widely used at hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, receptions, and other places with high requirements for space utilization ...
    1. Wall Mounted and Floor Standing Hot Water Dispenser
    2. Wall Mounted and Floor Standing Hot Water Dispenser Alon’s wall mounted and floor standing hot water dispenser can directly connect to water supply system and water drainage system. It supplies hot water at 100 degrees Celsius that can brew delicious coffee and milk. It is widely used at schools, hospitals, factories, hotels, airports, offices and other public places. This kind of water dispenser is our most cost-effective series, whose main part is separated from its stand.
    1. Countertop Hot Water Dispenser
    2. Countertop Hot Water Dispenser The countertop hot water dispenser has three main advantages. First, it has small size and light weight for saving space, and it is easy install and maintain. Second, it is a bottle-less water dispenser, which enhances sustainability by minimizing our dependency on disposable plastic bottles, and reduces the cost of producing and recycling plastic bottles. Third, it can be put on the table, convenient for staff to brew coffee and drinks.

There are three key concerns for hot water dispenser manufacturing: First, the enclosure and tube materials need to be high temperature resistant; second is the necessity for safety protection; the third is regular cleaning of the filtration cartridge.

Alon’s water dispensers use a stainless steel and galvanized sheet as the enclosure material. The temperature resistant water discharging tubes use a high quality steel as the inner layer, and the heating tubes use highly purified copper tubes which eliminate water scaling and improve the corrosion resistance, thus improving the thermal conductivity and prolonging its service life.

Our water dispensers will automatically activate a protection function if the equipment is heating when the tank is empty, the tank is full but leaking water, or in the event of over temperature heating.

Each of our hot water dispensers are equipped with a filtration system (such as reverse osmosis filtration, carbon fiber filtration and others for customers to choose from). Alon also provides a full range of after sales services, which means we and our dealers are also responsible for replacement parts, water filtration cartridge cleaning, and replacement during the warranty period.

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