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Alon has the capabilities to customize various drinking water devices for customers, including drinking water fountains for both indoor and outdoor use, hot water dispensers, and cold water dispensers. As long as you provide us with your requirements, we can deliver the customized products within 3 working days.

    1. Drinking Water Fountains
    2. Drinking Water Fountains ALON offers drinking water fountains for outdoor and indoor installation. These drinking fountains are extremely durable and can withstand harsh environments. It can also satisfy needs for drinking water in heavy-traffic areas.
    1. Water Cooler Dispenser
    2. Water Cooler Dispenser The floor standing water cooler dispenser is equipped with compressor and can supply fresh, cold water. At present, Alon provides a variety of floor standing drinking dispensers, which can be directly connected to tap water pipes or to your water supply system.
    1. Hot Water Dispenser
    2. Hot Water Dispenser Alon’s water dispensing equipment is designed for long term daily use. All of our water dispensing equipment undergoes a complete quality inspection, including a water quality test, electronic parts examinations and etc. to make sure our components and final products meet the market ...
    1. Hot and Cold Water Dispenser
    2. Hot and Cold Water Dispenser The hot and cold water dispenser is used to supply both 100℃ boiled water and 85℃ warm water (which has been cooled down from boiled pure water). Users can drink the warm water directly or heat it in a short period of time to brew tea...
    1. RO Water Filter System
    2. RO Water Filter System Alon offers a variety of high-performance water treatment systems designed to filter water with different quality levels. Compared to carbon only filtering, our reverse osmosis system features a complex structure with 5um PP cotton filter...
    1. Water Dispenser Stand
    2. Water Dispenser Stand The wall-mounted stand should be matched with a wall-mounted water dispenser in order to save space. If you don’t know which type of water dispenser should be matched to which stand, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Customization options
  • Housing materials: food grade stainless steel, galvanized steel sheet
  • Filtration: active carbon filters, reverse osmosis system, etc.
  • Water tank capacity
  • Installation
  • Voltage
  • Power

Our outdoor drinking water fountain has simple installation requirements. You only need to extend the water supply pipe and connect the pipe with the fixed water connection. If you have any questions regarding installation, Alon provides a clear set of instructions on how to properly install all of our products. To ensure the long-term performance of our equipment, we provide replacement parts and water filtration cartridges as part of our after-sales services. If you would like to purchase our outdoor drinking water fountain, or you would just like to learn more about it, contact us and we will reply to you as soon as we can.

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