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Focusing on children's safety

Kids are lively and curious, and clean water is vital to their development. Therefore, Alon designs a series of water dispensers to meet their needs. Considering the safety performance, the water dispenser rapidly cools boiled water into lukewarm water according to the thermal conduction principle to prevent kids from being scalded.

Our water dispensers for kids feature a special appearance to make drinking water seem fun and reduce the appeal of sugary drinks.

  • Shorter height matches the height of kids. Young children can get to the water by themselves, fostering independent abilities.
  • The panel is printed with fun cartoon characters like deer and small bears, which can attract attention and persuade them to drink water.
  • The arc design on the corner prevents children from being scratched when running and playing.
  • With its 18l water tank capacity, the water dispenser can supply 80l of warm water per hour, which not only meets children’s needs for drinking water during class breaks, but also saves time for teachers as they do not need to fill bottles with water constantly.
  • The output water temperature is pre-defined at about 45℃. And there is a thickened thermal insulation layer with a full explosion protection design. Therefore, the water will always be safe to touch and drink.
  • The control device has a low voltage of 24V, and can automatically shut off if there is an electrical issue.
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