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Drinking Water Fountains

ALON offers drinking water fountains for outdoor and indoor installation. These drinking fountains are extremely durable and can withstand harsh environments. It can also satisfy needs for drinking water in heavy-traffic areas.

We provide customized water fountains according to customer requirements in detail, including external materials (food-grade stainless steel / cold-rolled plate), power voltage, water tank capacity and filtering method (activated carbon filtration, nanofiltration, ultra-precision filtration, reverse osmosis filtration, etc.)

    1. Outdoor Drink Water Fountains
    2. Outdoor Drink Water Fountains The outdoor drinking water fountain is equipped with a push button bubbler valve. Thus users do not need to drink with a cup, but can drink purified water directly. It is ideal for airports, schools, parks and other public areas. Considering the natural conditions required by outdoor drinking water fountain, Alon produce outdoor fountains by anti-weather aging materials and stone wool insulation materials that are fitting temperature change and have small expansion coefficient.
    1. Indoor Drinking Water Fountains
    2. Indoor Drinking Water Fountains The indoor drinking water fountain has a swan neck water tap, which is suitable for filling any type of bottles. It is commonly used at factories, schools, airports, stations, hospitals, etc. Alon provides multiple kinds of indoor drinking fountains, and can customize the products on your request, for instance, changing the appearance and size, water tank capacity, and height of the hose. Please contact us, and we can discuss the requirements and choices together.

Our outdoor drinking water fountain features simple installation requirements. You only have to extend its water supply pipe and connect the pipe with the fixed water connection. If you have any questions, Alon provides a clear instruction for you on how to install the product. In order to ensure a long useful lifetime, we provide replacement parts and water filtration cartridges as part of our after-sales services. If you would like to purchase or learn more information about our outdoor drinking water fountains, contact us.

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